Jobs chided, answers questions at shareholder meeting

Yeah, we tend to think things like shareholder meetings are as boring as the next guy (well, the next guy who's not a stock broker, anyway), but Steve really took and dished out some heat at yesterday's get together.

On Leopard's delay: "Leopard will be worth the wait. I wish developing great products was as easy as writing a check. If so, then Microsoft would have great products." (Snap!)

On the iPhone: "A few of us have been using the iPhone a lot and if you wanted it back, you would have to pry it from our dead hands."

On iTunes movie rentals: "One never knows."

After being grilled by AFL/CIO on stock backdating: "I actually got my options at a higher price, but I didn't ask the company to reimburse me"

On Anderson's comments: "I've worked with Fred for many years and I think he's an awfully good guy, but I thought his comments were a little wrong."

Despite being lauded by Greenpeace reps for "A Greener Apple", he opined: "I think [Greenpeace] particularly depends too much on principle and not enough on fact. You guys rate people based on what people say their plans are in the distant future, not what they are doing today. I think you put way too much weight on these glorified principles and way too little weight on science and engineering. It would be very helpful if your organization hired a few more engineers and actually entered into dialog with companies to find out what they are really doing and not just listen to all the flowery language when in reality most of them aren't doing anything. That's my opinion."

It ain't easy being Steve.