Teltonika's HSDPA USB modem accepts SIM cards and OS X

While PCMCIA and ExpressCards certainly fit the bill at times, the convenience of popping any ole SIM card into a USB adapter and hopping on a 3G network can't be denied. Teltonika's HSDPA USB modem just so happens to provide such a luxury, as the versatile device supports speeds up to 1.8Mbps via GPRS / EDGE / HSDPA, is entirely USB powered, and provides the ability to "text from your PC" and use VoIP. Furthermore, the TELTUSB3G manages to support both Windows and OS X right out of the box, and the company even allows you to customize the enclosure with colors and logos of your choice if you cough up the required surcharge. Unsurprisingly, you won't be snagging this one in the US without some importing help from the other side of the pond, but Europeans can grab one right now for around £165.00 ($329).

[Via BoyGeniusReport]