The Samsung SCH-B6550: like the U740, but not

Yeah, so this is how Sammy does up a dual-hinge flip in its domestic market. It looks a good deal like the U740 that we get over here -- in fact, if it weren't orange, it'd be a dead ringer from the outside -- but flip 'er open and you'll notice that the QWERTY keypad we get here has been replaced by a more traditional numeric type. The reason? Well, it seems the SCH-B6550 here does T-DMB mobile TV, so it'd make sense that users would want a convenient way of setting it on a surface and getting their couch potato on. Like the U740, the B6550 does 1.3 megapixels from its camera, but ups the display from 220 x 176 to full QVGA resolution. We're not sure how we feel about the orange, but then again, we're not sure how we feel about the original U740's champagne, either.