The winners of the 2006 Engadget Awards!

2006 was a banner year for mobile enthusiasts; North America's 3G networks really started to come into their own, the line between "camera" and "phone" became blurrier than ever before, and smartphones cemented their place in ubiquity. Of course, all that tech made choosing last year's Engadget Awards a truly daunting task, one best left to our trusty readers -- and as usual, you've come through with some solid selections. Follow the break for the mobile winners, or hit the read link to head over to Engadget's full list!

Most Anticipated Gadget of 2007
Readers' Choice: Apple iPhone
Editors' Choice: Vista / CableCARD PCs

Cellphone of the Year
Readers' Choice: Sony Ericsson K800i
Editors' Choice: Sony Ericsson K800i

Smartphone of the year
Readers' Choice: BlackBerry Pearl
Editors' Choice: HTC Hermes / 8525

Wearable Device of the Year
Readers' Choice: Nike + iPod
Editors' Choice: Aliph Jawbone Bluetooth headset

Wireless Device or Technology of the Year
Readers' Choice: 802.11n (draft 1.06)
Editors' Choice: HSDPA