Apple working on 13-inch ultra-portable and uninspiring MacBook updates?

AppleInsider has the word on the updates to Apple's portable range, which have been missing out on all the Santa Rosa action that seemingly every other notebook range has been enjoying lately (this is getting to be a habit). If AI's sources are correct, then we're to expect some rather uninteresting updates to the MacBook range. The next refresh of the MacBooks will supposedly be particularly unimpressive, as AI says they'll be missing out on the Santa Rosa architecture and those LED backlights that SJ promised. For those updates you'll have to cash in for the MacBook Pros, which will be getting Core 2 Duo Santa Rosa CPUs up to 2.4GHz, and the LED backlights if the rumor proves right. In a resurrection of a rumor that seems to have been circulating since the PowerBook 2400 was discontinued in 1998, AI is also saying that an ultra-portable Apple laptop will come with on-board NAND flash for boosting application performance, a 13-inch LCD, and will be thinner and lighter than existing Apple laptops thanks to the absence of an optical drive. Like most cases of Apple rumors, it'll only exist when it's out. Until it does / doesn't, we'll continue to see this kind of speculation.