RCA's EZ201 Small Wonder camcorder now shipping

Keeping its promise to have the EZ201 Small Wonder on store shelves this Spring, RCA has just announced that its flash-based camcorder is available now at Circuit City locations. As expected, this 5.25-ounce video recorder sports a ho hum enclosure, no optical zoom, 512MB of internal memory, a 1.5-inch LCD, MemoryManager software, and a SD expansion slot as well. The device is also compatible with's online storage / sharing service, touts an EZ Grab feature that allows users to easily snag still shots from live action footage, and can function for two solid hours on a pair of AA cells. Best of all, however, is the price that CC is currently charging for this budget-minded device, as the $119.99 asking price is a full $10 less than we had previously seen, and you'll even get a 1GB SD card thrown in gratis.

[Via Physorg]