German MacBook melts during movie screening

We've seen MacBooks in many different states of distress during their brief existence -- burned, cracked, bulging, whining, and discolored, to name a few -- but a German member of MacUser has just posted pics of what may be the first unit that we've ever witnessed to actually begin melting from the exhaust heat. Apparently this unlucky movie buff was running down the AFI's Top 100 Movies of All Time, and had just gotten absorbed in the 2000 Wayans brother tour de force 'Scary Movie' when the hot air from those notorious vents started to warp and deform the LCD's plastic bezel. Thankfully all's well that ends well as Apple has agreed to replace our hero's notebook with one of the non-melty variety, though with MacBooks having been clocked at running north of 200 degrees Fahrenheit, this may not be the last Dalí-esque laptop we see. Check out another angle after the break...

[Via Gadget Lab]