TiVo introduces universal Swivel Search

TiVo has announced some new-and-improved search functionality today, with its so-called "Swivel Search" promising to make it easier to find what you're looking for and stumble upon things that you may not have set out to find. Among other things, the newly-expanded search feature will let you start at one show and link through to others based on similarities in the actors or descriptions (as opposed to simply searching by title or keyword), with tags also now applied to shows to cover topics not included in the description. The new search also extends its reach beyond the standard program guide, encompassing TiVoCast and Amazon Unbox movies as well. As with most TiVo upgrades, there's a priority list for those that just can't wait to get it, although all broadband-connected Series2 and Series3 subscribers should be seeing the update before too long.

[Via Zatz Not Funny]