Brando's Wii Crystal Cooler lights up your life

Although it's been unscientifically proven that Nintendo's Wii is the least likely of the three major consoles to actually need a heat suppressing adornment flanking its side, it's no surprise that accessory manufacturers are out to get the suckers anyway. For those of you who just can't keep your Wii cool enough, and weren't about to drop any dough on the repulsive China Shenzhen Firstsing variety, Brando's coming to the rescue. The company famous for its USB-powered, unnecessarily flashy gizmos has struck again with the Wii Crystal Cooler, which utilizes USB power to fan off your Wii, sports a nifty blue LED to give it that special touch of tacky, and also doubles as a stand. It can be yours today for just $19.