Fujitsu gets official with FMV-U8240 UMPC

Fujitsu's first foray into the UMPC market has already made itself known at this week's WinHEC conference, but the company only seems to have gotten around to officially announcing it today, trotting out the device in all its convertible splendor. As we knew before, this one boasts a 5.6-inch 1024 x 600 display, an 800MHz Intel A110 processor, and up to 1GB of RAM, although the 40GB hard drive we first heard about looks to have been knocked down to 20GB. Underpinning the entire system is Intel's recently-announced Ultra Mobile Platform 2007, which should give it a significant leg up over earlier UMPCs. What we didn't know before was its model name, now revealed as the FMV-U8240, or when it'd actually be available and what it'd cost. On that latter point, we've got good news and bad: the device will be available fairly soon (mid-June), although only in Japan (at least to start with), where it'll set you back ¥144,000 or ¥164,000 ($1,190-$1,360) depending on the configuration . A third model running Windows Vista Business will follow in July -- those first two get Windows XP Professional instead.

[Via Laptoping]