Thanko's slightly retro MP3 Clock allows personal recording

Sure, the art deco crowd has plenty of fashionable alternatives when it comes to alarm clocks, and even the off-kilter set has a few surefire options to get them a-risin', but for those of you who just can't live without the tried and true round faced variety with a pair of ringers perched at the top, Thanko's got your number. The MP3 Clock connects to your Windows XP-based PC via USB, and the included software can insert a number of animal calls, sensational alarms, or even your very own recording onto the device. Rather than striking up that annoying screech in the morning, you can now awake to cows mooing, a dog barking, motorcycles revving, chainsaws blaring (saywha?), or your very own voice demanding that you release yourself from sleep. The MP3CLK01 is available now to shake up your wake-ups for ¥2,980 ($25).

[Via AkihabaraNews]