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Dell XPS 720 specs begin to trickle out

It looks like a Dell employee going by the name of "Dell-Bill B" has taken it upon himself to tease members of the Dell community forum with details of the company's upcoming XPS 720 system, which is set to succeed the pricey XPS 710 series. While he's saving a lot of the details for the official announcement, he has revealed that the system will be based on NVIDIA's nForce 680i SLI chipset, and that it'll be available with your choice of Conroe or Kentsfield processors, with a QX6700 Kentsfield the top option at the moment (although that's apparently "subject to change"). Also, while the date's not quite set in stone, it looks like the system (which may or may not boast one of the stylish "designs" above) could be rolling out as soon as May 21st.

[Thanks, James]