XM facing subscriber, sponsor backlash over Opie & Anthony suspension

It looks like XM's suspension of Opie & Anthony earlier this week is causing a few more headaches than the company may have anticipated, with customers apparently canceling their subscriptions in droves and a number of sponsors now reportedly pulling their advertising. While it's not clear exactly how many customers have jumped ship, anecdotal evidence suggests that hundreds if not thousands of subscriptions have already been canceled. Orbitcast is also reporting that those trying to cancel their service are facing up to a 1.5 hour wait while they're on hold (a few have also taken the extra step of actually smashing their XM radios). The sponsors pulling out seem to be equally displeased with the move, with one of them, The Nashville Coffee Company, saying that XM "is beholden to crybaby special interest groups who cannot separate humor from reality." Of course, all of this is also happening in the midst of a little merger, although it's not clear what impact, if any, it may have on that.

[Photo courtesy of AP/KTVU, thanks Chris]

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Read - Orbitcast, "Sponsors pull advertising over O&A suspension"