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Meizu's miniOne packs more acronyms than you can handle

iPhone clone or not, we've got to hand it to Meizu for equipping its miniOne handset with a veritable what's-what of modern day mobile tech. According to Akhiabara News, freshly-updated specs allegedly indicate that the device -- assuming it makes it past Apple's legal gauntlet, of course -- will ship in configurations ranging from 4 to 16GB of internal storage and feature a 533MHz ARM11 core from Samsung, 128MB of DDR (yes, DDR) RAM, VGA front and 3 megapixel rear cams, Bluetooth, WiFi, DMB mobile television, and integrated GPS all wrapped up in a tight little Windows Mobile 6 package. Oh yeah, and don't forget the glorious 720 x 480 display and the 3G data. Sound too good to be true? Yep, and as long as we see nothing more than renderings of the miniOne floating around, we'll figure it is too good to be true.