Linux-powered SMS FoxBox provides web-based texting management

For the folks out there looking to seriously take advantage of those unlimited text messages, Acme Systems has designed the SMS FoxBox in order to give you "a compact and low cost solution to send and receive SMS messages using a commercial SIM card." The Linux-powered device includes a GSM quad-band modem, a SD / MMC memory card slot to store the messages, and a web-based interface to manage the mayhem. Acme claims that its unit can receive up to 30 incoming texts per minute, and it also touts an SQLite embedded SQL server, expandable set of gateway functions, fully customizable software, and even a pair of USB ports to store excess messages on thumb drives or external HDDs. So if you've been looking for some serious horsepower in the SMS to TCP/IP realm, you can plunk down your €750 ($1,012) and give that HTC keyboard a rest.

[Via LinuxDevices]