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Sonos announces new bundle, Pandora integration

Sonos announces new bundle, Pandora integration
Ryan Block
Ryan Block|May 22, 2007 10:00 PM

While Sonos hasn't yet found it fit to upgrade their line of home audio streaming devices, they do have a new bundle at that $1,000 pricepoint: now, instead of two ZP80s and a controller, you take home a controller, one ZP80, and its bigger brother, the ZP100. But more interesting still, as of today Sonos is adding Pandora integration for $4 per month, meaning you can get music nerds' favorite recommendation-based customized internet radio streamed directly to your audio system -- album art and all -- for $36 a year (after upgrading to v2.2, available tonight). Not bad if you're a Pandora fan with a Sonos; check out the integration in our mini-gallery.

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