XM Radio outages continue on, software to blame

For the XM Radio subscribers who haven't patiently waited to hastily cancel your subscription just yet, we're sure you're well aware that the outages from yesterday are still lingering on. Reportedly, "software problems resulted in the loss of one of the network's four satellite signals," and while it expected to have everything back to normal by last night, sometime today is looking more likely. The company stated that "the problem occurred during the loading of software to a critical component of the satellite broadcast system," and while XM has urged listeners to tune in online if possible, we all know this doesn't solve much. Notably, analysts are already pondering just how much loyalty (and cashflow) XM will lose from such an outage, and while we won't bother to guess, each passing minute of dead air won't do the customer satisfaction surveys any favors.

Update: XM is claiming service is back to normal.