Creative's Zen Wav tossed onto the DAP pile

If DAP choice is your thing then Creative's certainly got the bases covered. Now you can officially add the Zen Wav to the Zen Stone, Vision W, Vision, Vision:M, Neeon 2, Neeon, V Plus, V, MicroPhoto, Nano Plus, and Touch to the list of Creative Zen devices. Oh, and we haven't even mentioned the 6 other MuVo DAPs from their portable audio/video portfolio -- that's 19 now, in case you're counting. The all aluminum, all the time Zen Wav features a 1.5-inch, 65k color TFT LCD, mic with line-in dubbing, FM tuner, and a pair of itty bitty speakers which should support the built-in alarm clock well enough. Otherwise, they'll likely prove them selves to be just loud enough to annoy. And despite the name, it plays back MP3, WMA, and transcoded AVI in addition to WAV files. While the WAV does appear on the Creative Singapore website, it was launched without a press release and just that janky pic you see to the right. We'll take that as a measure of its potential to dominate the MP3 player market. 2GB of flash will cost you about $121 in Singapore-only for now.

[Via GererationMP3]