Scalar, eMagin showcase HMD and microdisplay creations

It's no secret that we most any sane individuals give the gaudy head-mounted displays of today a hard time for being so socially destructive, but a pair of companies have unveiled separate creations that look to make these things a bit less noticeable when perched on your face. eMagin's prototype SVGA-3DS microdisplay (shown after the jump) comes in at a minuscule 0.44-inches, relies on OLED-on-silicon technology, touts impressively low power consumption, and can reportedly show off an 800 x 600 resolution image. Over in Japan, Scalar is back on the scene with its Teleglass T3-F, which projects a virtual image of a 28-inch display two meters ahead of the viewer. The device mounts on the arm of your glasses, sports a 0.24-inch WVGA transmissive LCD, operates nearly four hours on two AA batteries, only covers one eye (baby steps, folks), and is fully retractable for those times when you actually need to converse with people without completely frightening them away. eMagin's invention is still being tweaked before official release, but citizens residing across the seas can pick up Scalar's latest right now for a stiff ¥98,000 ($808).

[Via I4U]
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