UK traffic wardens to wield handheld camcorders

At this point, the near-daily implementations of added surveillance in England is bordering on comical, but for the residents of the country, we're sure it feels more like infuriating. Just days after introducing the British to flying all-seeing police bots comes news that traffic wardens in Salford are becoming the first in the UK to wield handheld video camera. The move was reportedly made so that attendants could have "evidence to prove beyond doubt that the penalties its wardens hand out are justified," which sounds like it could cut down on any questionable penalization that disgruntled employees had the power to administer. Additionally, video from the camcorders will be used in cases where wardens are "assaulted or abused" while on the job, and while we're sure it's not part of the plan, the UK government could have miles of footage for its own rendition of COPS should it choose to use it.

[Via Inquirer]