Samsung doubts Sony's ability to deliver world's first OLED TV

You know that 1,000,000:1 contrast kickin' 11-inch OLED TV Sony says they'll be selling before the year is out? Yeah, the world's first. Well S.Korea's consumer electronics giant Samsung, just threw down the gauntlet on Japan's CE giant by publicly doubting Sony's ability to deliver before 2008. Yoo Eui-jin, Samsung VP and head of Samsung SDI's OLED team, said "I hope Sony will really do it, but considering circumstances, I doubt they will be able to start selling it this year. Maybe it would be possible for them to make a hundred or a thousand units as artifacts, but no more than that." Bitter at the prospects of losing a "world's first _____" title are we Samsung? Oh man, game on.

[Via Afterdawn]