Google cooking up more apps for the iPhone and other details

So The Seattle Times got a sit down with the rather guarded Glenn Lurie, AT&T's man on the ground for the iPhone. While he didn't give much up in the way of the phone's finer details, he did have one takeaway that left us interested. When asked about the mass skepticism over the iPhone's price, he replied "... There are other things -- you have the widgets, some of the Google applications that are coming -- there are just so many things here that the price will not be an issue." Now, we don't want to get all weird here and read tea leaves, but he did say Google applications (as in plural), so we think it's safe to say Google has more planned than just Gmaps for the iPhone. We wouldn't be surprised to see a Google news reader, Gmail, or even Gcal apps on there, but given the fact that Apple already has its own agenda for mail, calendaring and the like, it might stand to reason the iPhone won't be locking its users out of 3rd party add-on apps after all. Another interesting detail: "people are going to be asked to have an unlimited [data] package" with the iPhone. Hm, no surprise there. Ok, discuss / argue amongst yourselves.