Microsoft sells one million Zunes

It may not seem like all that much given Apple's recent announcement that it's sold 100 million iPods, but Microsoft seems to be content with the one million Zunes it has sold so far (or will have sold by the end of June), which meets the sales target set at the Zune's launch. That tidbit of information comes from Robbie Bach, president of Microsoft's Entertainment and Devices Division, who told the San Francisco Chronicle that the company has sold "a little over a million Zunes," reportedly giving it a 10% share in the hard disk-based player category. While Bach sees that as a "good start" he admits that the Zune hasn't quite gotten as social as the company would like, saying that "when your installed base is a million, the benefits of sharing, frankly, aren't as wide as we hope to see in the future." Unfortunately, Bach didn't get very specific about any future Zune plans, choosing instead to talk up the pink and watermelon-colored Zunes, which'll surely make all the difference.

[Via, thanks Nate W]