'Rejected Wii Play Games' delight, nauseate

The general consensus on Nintendo's Wii Play is that it offers pretty good training in the use of the Wiimote, but tends to get repetitive and thus fails to really succeed as a standalone title. Well the folks over at Loading.Ready.Run clearly wanted more than this rather bland execution, and they've imagined a number of mini-games that for whatever reason -- mostly poor taste -- Reggie and company decided to leave out of the final product, but should maybe reconsider. For instance, Shooting is pretty fun, but perhaps the way to really speak to today's youth would have been with WiiDriveby, where the gunman gets points for every "hater capped." Other rejects range from tedious (Paperwork Mario, Why are Wii hitting ourselves) to cruel (BiiHeading, Seal Hunt) to gross (WiiPii, Prostate Exam) to just plain weird (Rhythm Gymnastics? Cii-Section?). Hit the Read link to catch the entire list [Warning: possibly NSFW due to sexual innuendo and animated urination].