D this week: Jobs & Gates, Jobs, Hawkins announcing new Palm device

Just a happy reminder for Apple nerds and Treo fans, this week is the D conference down in San Diego, meaning you'll be able to look forward to some fun n' interesting new bits including:

  • Steve Jobs and Bill Gates appearing together in a joint interview Wednesday evening (no, far as we can tell they aren't expected to joint-announce anything)

  • A second Jobs-only appearance earlier on Wednesday

  • Jeff Hawkins, who will appear and introduce "a new category of mobile device" tomorrow morning [thanks, Jimmy]

Other executives expected to appear on stage: Ballmer, Schmidt, George Lucas, Les Moonves, Hurley & Chen, and even John McCain. Should make for an interesting couple of days, stay tuned!

Update: Our bad, it looks like it's Jobs who's appearing twice, not Gates. There's no official schedule, so we're kind of just going on passing comments made on Kara Swisher's blog right now.