Is the Sony Ericsson W999i real? The GSMA thinks so

Chris Ziegler
C. Ziegler|05.29.07

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Is the Sony Ericsson W999i real? The GSMA thinks so
Look, we want the W999i slider to be real just as much as the next guy. And who wouldn't? It's a beautiful phone -- but it's also totally Photoshoppable, as is virtually anything these days. Lending a small semblance of credibility to the W999i rumors, though, is its recent appearance on the GSM Association's HSPA website. No details are offered, and clicking on the phone takes you to Sony Ericsson's home page (which has no comment whatsoever W999i's existence), but we've gotta figure that the GSMA cameo is a pretty good sign even though "W999i" kinda sounds like an internal codename to us. UIQ, QWERTY rocker keypad, hip styling, HSDPA, and Walkman branding? Count us in.

[Via Reg Hardware]
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