Livescribe shows off Leapfrog Fly-esque pen computer for grown-ups

It looks like those intrigued by Leapfrog's Fly pentop computer but turned off by its "toy" status will soon have an option that's a little more in line with their sensibilities, as The New York Times reports that a former executive at Leapfrog has now branched out on his own to produce a similar device aimed at adults. Set to make its debut at this week's D conference, the pen from Jim Marggraff's newly-founded Livescribe company is apparently a "more advanced" version of the Fly computer, relying on the same dot-laden paper to capture whatever you write or draw with it. The pen also packs two microphones to record what it hears while you writing, which can be played back simply by tapping on the paper. Marggraff thinks that'll make the pen particularly well-suited to students, although he not surprisingly sees virtually endless uses for the device, saying that it'll appeal to "anyone that is writing notes on paper." While the pen's only just making its first public appearance now, it doesn't look like you'll have to wait too much longer to actually get your hands on one, with it set to be released sometime this fall for under $200.

[Photo courtesy of Peter DaSilva/The New York Times]