Freedom Input's Bluetooth GPS receiver hangs on your keychain

It's not like the Bluetooth GPS receiver market really needed another combatant, but for those who prefer carrying as much as of their life as possible on a key ring, this one's for you. Coming in at a minuscule 1.54- x 1.3- x 0.79-inches in size, this SiRF Star III-equipped device can connect simultaneously to up to 20 satellite channels, operate for ten hours on a single charge, sports a tracking sensitivity of 159 dBm, supports an external antenna, and purportedly plays nice with your BT-enabled device from up to ten meters away thanks to Bluetooth 2.0. Charging is handled by the included cigarette adapter or USB charger, and while we wouldn't be keen on losing a $99.99 receiver right along with our keys, this should prove quite convenient if you're the organized type.

[Via NaviGadget]