MMCA announces MiCard specification for MMC / USB combo cards

The MultiMediaCard Association (MMC) has set the stage for yet another memory card format to compete for your photos and other media, today announcing the specification for its new MiCard multiple-interface memory cards. That "multiple-interface" consists of the standard MMC interface, along with an integrated USB connector to eliminate the need for a separate card reader -- something that's already relatively common with SD cards. What's more the MiCard will also be smaller than a standard MMC card, measuring 12mm x 21mm x 1.95mm, although it'll still be compatible with existing MMC-based devices through the use of an adapter. According to EETimes BenQ, A-Data, Pretec, and a number of other companies have already signed on to support the new format, although it's not clear when the first MiCards will actually be available.

[Via EETimes]