Nokia 8600 "Luna" gets official

Nokia's newest and oft rumored "Luna" is finally getting its turn in the spotlight and oh how it shines. This Series 40 phone features quad-band GSM / EDGE, a 2 megapixel camera, translucent smoked glass slider over the keypad, and Nokia's first use of a micro-USB port. Of course this isn't just any Series 40 handset -- OK, well maybe inside it is, unless of course it's rolling with the 5th gen release -- this is top of the line stuff -- at least where price is concerned -- and you will be paying $700 for the luxury of picking one up. The 8600 handset is crafted from stainless steel and glass, and that glass bit, plus the price, is just the ticket for lakes of giant crybaby tears if one of these guys ever hits the pavement. No word on carrier availability yet, but with release planned for sometime in Q2, we have plenty of time to fill in those blanks. Oh yeah, check the gallery below for some more sweet shots.