TiVo announces Q1 profit, Series 3 Lite, Comcast Motorola TiCo, and expansion to Oz

Things are looking good for TiVo this morning after posting their Q1 financials. According to some, this is their "first-ever quarterly profit." However, we seem to recall a time back in 2005 when the quarter ending July 31st was supposed to be their first ever quarterly profit. Whatever, the real news comes in the form of the Series 3 Lite -- a "lower priced" HD offering targeting a wider audience when it's released sometime "later this year." Right, the same box we heard about back in March. Also announced was the August commercial launch of the Comcast Motorola TiVo -- no, really -- initially rolling out in the New England division meaning Boston and vicinity will have first dibs. The final bit of news is the launch of TiVo products in Australia and New Zealand under the Helm of Seven, Australian's leading broadcast company. A good day (G'day?) indeed.

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