Pentax celebrates 50 years of uh, Pentax

Is that a Pentax K10D gone vintage? Almost, the chubby digital shooter on the left is the 50th anniversary "design study model" of the original, 1957 35-mm Pentax SLR camera from Asahi Optical Company (now known as Pentax). Like the old Spotmatic on the right, it was the original Pentax with its pentaprism viewfinder that introduced the world to the concept of eye-level viewing. As such, you'll find a fixed pentaprism viewfinder on this anniversary model which aced the K10D's built-in flash to accommodate the delta roof. No worries, it's just for show with no plans for a production run. Please Pentax, promise not to bust out the gold and snakeskin again at 60... pretty please, with sugar?

[Via dapreview]