Super Hi-Vision creeps towards reality with latest breakthrough

Because 1080p and even Quad HD just aren't high-def enough, Japanese broadcaster NHK has announced new breakthoughs in it's Super Hi-Vision (formerly Ultra High Definition Video) technology. They've been showing it off periodically for the last several years, but the latest step towards living rooms is a single image sensor that for TV cameras that is capable of full SHV (7,680 x 4,320) resolution. Previous prototypes were limited to half that resolution, but now they're focusing on shrinking the equipment necessary to encode/decode the uncompressed 24Gbps SHV stream to 124Mbps from its current to fit in broadcaster headends and UHDTVs near you. While those pixels are nothing to sneeze at, we're still trying to figure out where to get speakers for the planned 22.2 channel audio.