How much WoW is too much WoW?

Paul Sherrard
P. Sherrard|06.04.07

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How much WoW is too much WoW?
Today has a new podcast from the folks over at Taverncast, and it has my guild a-buzz with talk of WoW Addiction.

We're a casual raiding guild, 3 nights a week, 4 hours a night. Sure, that's 12 hours of commitment a week, but still a low number compared to other raiding guilds. That would be well and fine, but a large number of our members play a lot outside of raiding hours - farming mats, doing daily quests, getting reputation, etc.

So when the Taverncast After Hours #3 came up today, with the gang discussing gaming addiction, and one member going so far as to undertake a little experiment a la Morgan Spurlock, it really got us thinking - are we playing too much WoW?

Some of the things on their list (about an hour in) of questions to ask yourself, I have had to say yes to at one time or another. How about you?

So, go take some time out to listen (while you're playing WoW, of course) and then come back and let us know how much WoW you play each week, and what you think is a reasonable amount of time to commit to the game. Is 15 hours in a row of ANY activity too much? (listen to the whole podcast to get that one)
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