Slide deck surfaces for Sprint's HTC Mogul

We admit it's nowhere near as cool as a PPC-6800 / Mogul launch (which as far as we can tell is still months away), but hey, we'll take what we can get. This slide deck -- or perhaps "decklet" is a better term, seeing how it's only two slides -- found its way onto with a couple large, lovely pictures of what promises to be Sprint's flagship smart device when it finally hits stores. The launch delay has been attributed to the decision to drop Windows Mobile 6 Professional on it right out of the gate rather than offer an upgrade down the road, a theory that seems to be validated by the obvious presence of Microsoft's latest release in the pics. Otherwise, the specs on the second slide are pretty much what we expected: EV-DO rev. A upgradeability, a 416MHz core, 256MB onboard storage, and 64MB RAM.

[Thanks, Brad]