Hitachi's external Easy Hard Drive reaches 1TB

It seems that Hitachi has been basking in the glory of releasing the world's first 1TB internal hard drive so long that it let a number of others leapfrog it in the external sector, but nevertheless, the company's Easy Hard Drive lineup has now hit the mark. Split into two offerings, the AC-powered External USB Storage device holds 500GB, 750GB, or a single 1TB HDD within a matte black case, and while we're sure it's total coincidence, we can't help but notice the eerie resemblance to the the Xbox 360 Elite. Moving on, the Portable USB Storage unit now holds 160GB, 200GB, or a full quarter-terabyte of space within a pocket-friendly enclosure that's entirely powered via USB. Both drives should be available right now if you're brave enough to enter a Best Buy, and while the portable drives will run you between $139.99 and $249.99 depending on size, the 1TB desktop drive's price still remains a mystery.

[Via EverythingUSB]