Japanese PS3 game available via Remote Play

If you haven't gotten the newest update for your PSP's firmware to get Remote Play cranking out worldwide awesomeness, you aren't alone. Media streaming and Remote Play seem to be creating frustration with a lot of people. We've got ours working and we can assure you that if you get everything connected ... wow. To add icing to the already sickeningly sweet cake, Sony is making a Japanese PS3 title available for everyone via the Remote Play function.

The game is Mainichi Issyo, some crazy title about a cat doing whatever you tell it to. The game, available as a free download exclusively on the Japanese PS Store, can be played via remote play on your PSP and even access microtransactions in-game for added content. That means there is in-game PlayStation Store support via Remote Play. Even though we've got no idea what's happening in the game, that's an impressive feat and indicative of the potential of this feature. Perhaps someday we'll get Super Stardust HD or other titles available for play wherever we are in the world (assuming there's a wireless access point nearby). Perhaps.