Pepper announces Pepper Linux support for Intel-based MIDs

Having already successfully ported its OS to the OLPC, Pepper has now set its sights on slightly less colorful territory, announcing today that its Pepper Linux OS now officially supports the latest Intel-based Mobile Internet Devices (or MIDs). Among other things, the OS has apparently been optimized for the MID's 4 to 7-inch displays, tweaked for optimal power management and battery life, and prepped to allow automatic WiFi and network configuration. The OS also boasts integrated malware protection, automatic system and application updates, and a full complement of audio and video codecs, with the entire OS weighing in at less than 500MB. While there doesn't appear to be word of any MID manufacturers that have signed up to use the OS just yet, it'll be ready to ship to any interested OEMs or ODMs sometime this fall.