QNAP's latest BitTorrent NAS: TS-109 Pro Turbo Station

BitTorrents best friend -- QNAP -- is back with a new series of all-in-one NAS servers. The TS-109 Pro Turbo Station is now Windows ADS and DDNS compliant and features a built-in Web server supporting PHP + MySQL. The box supports a single SATA disk up to 1TB in capacity which can be extended with USB 2.0 and eSATA jacks. The TS-109 also packs Q-RAID 1 for mirroring drives via USB or eSATA, remote network and 1-touch USB backup, iTunes sever, UPnP/DLNA support, and of course, their infamous BitTorrent client which doesn't require a PC. Its "no noise design" means you can keep those torrents chugging while you slumber in the glow of MPAA and RIAA scorn. Sorry, no prices or date for availability.