Silicon Optix releases HQV test discs for Blu-ray & HD DVD

Silicon Optix has finally released their HQV test disc for HD DVD and Blu-ray players -- the one that showed how much resolution many HDTVs aren't displaying -- to consumers. Unlike the Digital Video Essentials HD DVD released earlier this year, calibration is not what this tool is designed for, it's mastered in 1080i/60 to test the deinterlacing capabilities of your setup, and reveal if picture quality is being lost by the player, scaler or display during upconversion to 1080p. Five tests for HD Noise Reduction, video and film resolution loss, and "jaggies" let you know if your equipment is actually making the low-res content you view worse. Thanks to the included testing scorecard, even an HD novice will soon be obsessing over waving flag animations on AVS Forum with the best of them.

Update: And if the $20 price tag is a bit rich for your blood (you know, after shelling out for the 1080p HDTV, Blu-ray or HD DVD player and assorted cabling), take $5 off thanks to the guys at AVS Forum.