Nikon D3 DSLR rumors running rampant

It sure feels like we've been around this block before, eh? Nevertheless, it seems that the ever-popular D3 rumors are cropping up again en masse, and while there's still no true signs of an imminent release, a whole heap of fanboys and girls are doing all they can to will it into production. A smattering of message boards are harping on the "forthcoming" high-end DSLR from Nikon, stating hopes that it'll sport 18.7-megapixels, a nearly full frame sensor, and an uncanny ability to cope with low-light conditions. As expected, guesstimates surrounding a release date are literally all over the Gregorian calendar, but majority sects believe that a summertime launch is definitely plausible. So if you're game for getting swept up in all the commotion, be sure and hit the read link for all the unconfirmed mayhem you can stand.

[Image courtesy of David McGhee]