Palm "Gandolf" images look legit, Windows Mobile version on the way as well

All sorts of Gandolf action is coming out of the woodwork, with Morning Paper following up the grainy shot it released yesterday with a shiny color version, shown after the break. The rumored specs remain unchanged, and while we're not at all delighted to hear this one will be running Garnet, we're guessing it could be a halfway decent option for low-end users, since it's rocking that lovable $200 pricetag. Even more interesting is the white Windows Mobile version of the form factor that emerged on TreoCentral today, rocking the Vodafone branding. It appears to be running Windows Mobile Standard (once known as Smartphone) -- which would be a first for Palm, who's stuck with the touchscreen-input Professional (Pocket PC) edition for its Windows Mobile phones -- and positions Palm to better compete with the likes of the Motorola Q and Samsung's BlackJack. Plus the photo is blurry, so you know it has to be good.

[Via PalmInfocenter]

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