Limited edition Pikachu DS Lite system to hit Japan

We all knew this one was just a matter of time, but it sounds like the Japanese faithful will finally have the opportunity to purchase a glaring yellow Pikachu DS Lite system in the not too distant future. Of course, this isn't the first time the infamous Pokemon has taken over a Nintendo handheld, but getting your palms around this machine will be even more difficult than those other hard-to-get hues. The limited edition machine will reportedly sport Pikachu's face on the bottom right corner of the cover, include a matching yellow stylus, and in order to procure one, you'll have to show up in person at the Japanese Pokemon Center and submit your name into a lottery system. Supposedly, the winners will be able to pay their ¥16,800 ($139) and walk out happy starting on July 20th, and afterwards, the rest of you can shell out small fortunes on various auction sites if you just can't do without.

[Thanks, Mitch]