Google sez Vista Search discourages, hurts consumers

C'mon Google, you can't seriously be upset that you can't get your search engine integrated into every piece of software known to man, right? Actually, it appears that the search giant can indeed bust out the whiner card on occasion, and it has apparently done just that in regard to the Vista Search that's built into Microsoft's latest OS. Reportedly, Google accused Microsoft of "designing Vista to discourage users from running its indexing and search software," and a company spokesman even went so far as to claim that Redmond's current approach "violates its agreement with the government and hurts consumers." Google's gripes start to grow legs when you consider just how difficult it is to actually disable or modify Vista's ingrained search tactics, and while Microsoft has supposedly stated that it is "committed to going the extra mile to resolve this issue," there doesn't look to be any timetables set for giving users the ability to choose just yet.

[Thanks, Dinraj P.]