Sony Ericsson's "Next Big Thing" coming June 14th

So, remember the rumor that June 14th would see the launch of some major new handsets from Sony Ericsson? Right, well consider it a fact now that SE has issued a formal invitation to "the next big thing" event in Berlin to "celebrate the latest developments in Sony Ericsson Music and Imaging." Of course, now the rumor mill is churning with speculation over which phones will launch. According to a veteran Esato forum jockey, SE will be announcing the HSDPA 850 Sofia packing a 5 megapixel shooter along side the W950 Walkman successor dubbed the Maria/Mooi/W960 which touts 8GB of flash storage. There's also hope of seeing the HSDPA 850 Shinobu Walkman slider with music shaker feature -- tilt forward to skip to the next track, back to skip backwards, and shake it for a random track. Mark your calendars kids, it's going to be interesting.

[Via Slashphone]