Microsoft embedding nerdy photo in Vista DVDs?

We don't have a Vista Business DVD of our own to confirm this one, but we'll just stick with the tried and true "it's on the internet, so it must be true" mantra. Apparently a blogger named Kwisatz has uncovered a "secret" photo embedded into the hologram that encompasses the Windows Vista Business DVD. This being Microsoft, the photo naturally depicts three total nerds, grinning excessively at their own cleverness. Of course, this could be a total Photoshop, but somehow we find such an embedding eerily plausible, so we're going to stay cautiously optimistic that this is real. Hit up the read link for full res versions of the discovery.

[Thanks, Gordon]

Update: A friendly tipster just sent us some pretty solid proof of the photos (yeah, multiple). Check after break to give 'em a look-see. Thanks, Matt!

Update 2: Yeah, it's as we called it: an antipiracy technique. Thanks for playing, everybody -- and no, we still don't know who it is. [Via Computer World]