Philips' Active Crystals range features Swarovski, who else

Standing in stark contrast to their "sense and simplicity" corporate slogan, we bring you the full line-up of Philips' Swarovski gear mentioned earlier. Available in August, the latest crystal-laden kit takes "technology to a fashionable new level for women." Perfect for little girls who grew up in a generation of Hello Kitty body fat meters and breath testers. Now go check the prices after the break sweetie. Better yet, have your oily man-servant do it, that's why you pay him.

  • SWS2000 ICON Crystal, dome-shaped headphones $79

  • SWS4000 SPACE Sealing earbud headphones $99

  • SWS6000 MIRAGE Lightweight, earhook headphones $129

  • SWS8000 AMAZONE Earbud headphones with neck strap $149

  • FM01SW20 HEART WARE 1 GB USB memory device $179

  • FM01SW40 HEART BEAT 1 GB USB memory device $179

  • FM01SW60 LOCK IN 1 GB USB memory device $179

  • FM01SW80 LOCK OUT 1 GB USB memory device $179