Samsung's Bordeaux PAVV LCDs: 17,000:1 contrast and ACAP

Hot on the heels of their PAVV plasmas come three new PAVV LCDs. The 40-, 46-, and 52-inch models all bring a 1080p resolution to the game with 3x HDMIs and a sweet 17,000:1 contrast -- barely nudging out the trio of Bordeaux LCDs unveiled back in March. These sets also feature ACAP, as in Advanced Common Application Platform for interactive television -- part of the ATSC spec we're familiar with Stateside. However, at the moment these sets are S.Korea-only tagged ???3,200,000 (about $3,424) for the LN40M92BD, ???4,200,000 (about $4,494) for the LN46M92BD, and ???5,400,000 (about $5,779) for the LN52M92BD.

[Via Akihabara News]