Evergreen's network TV tuner streams content to your web browser

While it's not apt to replace Sling anytime soon, Evergreen is hoping to give the Japanese market a taste of network TV tuning with its JTV-100-F-PJ. The device -- which happens to resemble an external modem circa 1998 -- accepts both coaxial cable inputs and composite video sources and converts them to MPEG4, which can then be streamed to a network TV server or viewed on your web browser. Notably, it even allows you to view the content in a trio of resolutions depending on the bandwidth available, and it boasts a maximum bit rate of 1.8Mbps. So for those still yearning for a placeshifting box over in Okinawa, Evergreen's alternative is available as of today for a respectable ¥19,999 ($163). Jump on through for a shot of the rear.

[Via Impress]