Olympus E-410 EVOLT DSLR gets reviewed

It's tough to not get all worked up about a live LCD on a DSLR, but if you've managed to hold off until a thorough review came your way, your patience has paid off. The discerning folks over at DPReview were able to crack the whip on the E-410 EVOLT, and after the dust settled, it seemed like a pretty good buy. Initial praises included its light weight, outstanding out-of-the-box results, effective dust remover, low noise across the ISO spectrum, and the speedy auto focus / shutter performance. Notably, the list of digs was rather puny compared to the cheers, as the disappointing dynamic range performance and counterproductive Noise Filter were the only major qualms that reviewers felt were worth mentioning in detail. Overall, it seems the E-410 should fit the bill quite nicely if you're looking for a relatively advanced entry-level DSLR, but be sure and visit the read link to make absolutely sure this is where you want your $800 or so to go.